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Electronic assessment & accreditation (eaa) is a specialized company in providing consulting services and internet web-based applications that make the performance assessment process in any institution simple and efficient. eaa provides workshop and consulting services to department faculties to fully develop their accreditation and assessment process. eaa consultation services start by reviewing the institution mission statement, develop program objectives, students outcomes, and key performance indicators to build the rubrics for evaluating student performance, map the curriculum, and connect the institution objectives to its student outcomes. Our diverse team of experts has a combined successful experience of over 20 years in the assessment and accreditation sectors.

"Let's create your institution's assessment strategy together!"


QBox is a web-based solution for universities that enables faculty, students, program committee and stakeholders to work together in a collaborative and professional manner.


myPerformance is a business performance review software and it’s replacing time-consuming paper-based employee performance appraisal processes with a genuinely effective review cycle.


linkMe is a web-based Solution for that plays the role of ensuring data integrity in electronic data interchange process between educational institutions and the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia.


myAccreditation is a web-based solution that provides an electronic intuitive approach to complete the accreditation process for national and international accreditation agencies.


Accreditation and Information Management System (AIMS) is a web-based solution that computerizes the accreditation review processes.

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